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Honor thy father and thy mother?

I think honor and respect should be earned; it should not be automatic. This is true even for — I’d say especially for — one’s parents. Any fertile enough fool can reproduce. Just because they conceived their children, i.e. fucked so that their sperm and egg got to meet and grow, does not mean their children should automatically honor and respect them. It takes a lot more brains and effort to become a parent that is worthy of respect from anyone, especially from their own children.

The same goes for the similar adage “Thou shalt respect thy elders.” Unless one is sick, or is living a risky life, growing old is effortless. Just because one reaches their golden years does not automatically make them worthy of respect. There are plenty of old assholes who demand special treatment and lose their manners and treat other people, especially service workers, like shit just because they happen to have been born at an earlier year.


You aren’t married. What if he leaves you someday?

He may leave anytime if he wishes to leave. Likewise, I may leave anytime if I wish to leave. That is our privilege as unmarried people; we don’t have to ask permission from the government on whether we may terminate our relationship or not. It is, after all, a private matter, and should stay that way.

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