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Are you ready for your Close-Up?

No, thanks. I prefer Colgate.

(Inspired by The Daily Prompt)


Question #2: Which is worse, failing or never trying?

It depends on the “what.” For most things, such as a new career, travel, or pursuing a new relationship, it is of course better to fail than to never try. After all, in case of failure, the lessons learned would be the foundations for possible future success. And, surely, there is no chance for success if one does not try. If you take the risk, and you do succeed, then celebrate! Enjoy that success; you’ve earned it! You’ve earned it for having the courage to do what other people say they want to, but wouldn’t.

However, for a few other things, it is better to never try than to fail. For example, it is better to never try suicide than to fail it. Or if one attempts it, then he/she better be damn sure to succeed. Here is a situation where failure is not an option. Failing a suicide attempt can be horrendous. One could end up with loss of vital physical facilities, or severe brain damage, or even be held by a locked-in syndrome — conscious, but unable to move, unable to communicate with the outside world, trapped in something akin to a different dimension, a kind of hell from which there is almost no escape.

(Inspired by 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind)

Question #18: Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

*sigh* I have done this more frequently than I would have wanted, but it can’t be helped… Social norms and inconvenient times and all that…

You know, being in the middle of watching a good movie and not wanting to miss a single moment of it, yet feeling like your bladder is about to burst and cursing yourself for drinking too much soda…

Or being busy dealing with colleagues and clients and trying to secure a new, critical contract, yet feeling like you’re bloated and your stomach is gurgling with the tasty bean burrito you just had an hour earlier, which doesn’t feel so tasty now, does it?

As I’ve often said, the second best feeling in the world is miraculously finding, and finally sitting on, a clean, empty toilet (with a huge roll of soft, clean, 3-ply tissue paper available within an arm’s reach) when you’ve been holding onto diarrhea for so long.

(Inspired by 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind)

Question #41: If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today?

Nobody. I’m staying home with the one I love. There may be a lot of people in my life whom I am fond of, but if there are only 24 hours (or less) before everyone I know dies, I’m spending all of that short time with the person who matters to me the most.

(Inspired by 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind)