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Dear Piggy,


I know that you suffer for the sake of our suppers, and I know that by becoming a vegan, I can at least stop contributing to your torture and murder…

But I just love bacon way too fucking much!


Mmmm… bacon….

So, sorry, Piggy, it’s still bacon for me.

P.S. They say this guy loves you. Maybe you can file a complaint?

Much love (for bacon), P.P. Burger

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An open letter to myself, for my 31st birthday

Dear me,

I am writing to you because one of the goals in your Day Zero Project is to write a letter to your — or, rather, my — future self. And as our 31st birthday falls close to the end of that 1001-day mission, the first thing that I will be asking you about is your progress. Are you still on this mission, or have you abandoned it? If the latter, why did you abandon it? I hope it was for a worthier endeavor. If the former, I hope you are at least 90% done, because you have less than a month to go ’til the deadline.

I have also chosen to write to you today, because, right now, I am very happy. You know how our mood shifts sometimes, and during the times when we become lonely and depressed (usually thanks to hormones, but sometimes due to external forces), we almost totally forget about the happy times, we feel hopeless, we lose our sense of logic and become prone to making awful plans. I am writing to you while I’m in a happy mood, to remind you that whatever it is behind the loneliness and the depression, that, too, shall pass.

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