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I have mostly selfish reasons for being childfree. Let me tell you about my unselfish one.

I do not deny that I am a selfish person, and that most of my reasons for being childfree are selfish: I want to spend my money on myself. I don’t want to waste my life raising a child. I love my alone time. I can’t stand the screams and smells of children. I treasure my possessions, and I don’t want to risk them getting ruined. In the event of a disaster or an emergency, I want to look after only myself. I don’t want to share my partner’s love and attention with a child. I like having sex whenever and wherever. I like my body way too much. I love my boobs. I love me. Me. Me. Me.


Of course, that’s not very politically correct to share, especially in some circles, so I have prepared an unselfish reason in case the topic is, for the nth time, broached upon:

I try to imagine how life would be like some twenty, thirty years from now, when my hypothetical child is already an adult, and I worry about so many things that he/she would have to deal with.

What would the job market be like? Would he/she be able to find good jobs in the future, or would most jobs be replaced by automation? What about competition? It would be so intense. There would probably be nine billion people by then, and all would be competing for food and space and work. Would my child be able to compete with all of those people?

What about the government and politics and society? Would people still have freedoms? Freedom of religion? Freedom of speech? Freedom of assembly? Freedom to wear whatever they want? Freedom to go out at night?

Would they still have privacy? Would they be able to think and say and write what they want, without fear of being policed? Would they be able to date freely, have sex freely, without fear of finding a video of the act on some internet site? Or worse, fear of being incarcerated for it, for one reason or another?

Would it be a time of peace, or a time of war? Or a time of war disguised as a time of peace?

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