Question #18: Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

*sigh* I have done this more frequently than I would have wanted, but it can’t be helped… Social norms and inconvenient times and all that…

You know, being in the middle of watching a good movie and not wanting to miss a single moment of it, yet feeling like your bladder is about to burst and cursing yourself for drinking too much soda…

Or being busy dealing with colleagues and clients and trying to secure a new, critical contract, yet feeling like you’re bloated and your stomach is gurgling with the tasty bean burrito you just had an hour earlier, which doesn’t feel so tasty now, does it?

As I’ve often said, the second best feeling in the world is miraculously finding, and finally sitting on, a clean, empty toilet (with a huge roll of soft, clean, 3-ply tissue paper available within an arm’s reach) when you’ve been holding onto diarrhea for so long.

(Inspired by 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind)


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