Honor thy father and thy mother?

I think honor and respect should be earned; it should not be automatic. This is true even for — I’d say especially for — one’s parents. Any fertile enough fool can reproduce. Just because they conceived their children, i.e. fucked so that their sperm and egg got to meet and grow, does not mean their children should automatically honor and respect them. It takes a lot more brains and effort to become a parent that is worthy of respect from anyone, especially from their own children.

The same goes for the similar adage “Thou shalt respect thy elders.” Unless one is sick, or is living a risky life, growing old is effortless. Just because one reaches their golden years does not automatically make them worthy of respect. There are plenty of old assholes who demand special treatment and lose their manners and treat other people, especially service workers, like shit just because they happen to have been born at an earlier year.


Writing Prompt: The Dark Time

“I really don’t get,” said Reena, as she slathered her hands with lotion, “why dark is always associated with evil, and light is always associated with good. Did you ever think about that, Neeza?”

“Not really,” came Neeza’s reply. She was still powdering her cheeks a deep fuchsia pink. “It’s one of those things you just don’t have to think about, you know. It’s one of those obvious things.”

“Well, I just think it’s kinda… prejudicial?”

Neeza rolled her eyes. “Here we go again.” She dipped her wand into her mascara bottle. It made a slosh-slosh bubble sound. “Not everything is racist, you know.”

“I’m not talking about race, Ms. You Know. You know? You know? That’s the 57th you-know you’ve said in an hour– you know. I’ve been keeping count.”

“Pssh. You’re exaggerating, as usual.”

“So, anyway,” Reena examined herself on the mirror, sticking out her tongue when she found her reflection unsatisfactory, “why do we not question the things that we were taught as kids? Why do we just accept them as-is? Shouldn’t we think about them a bit more? Because there’s a chance some of them might be wrong.”

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Question #2: Which is worse, failing or never trying?

It depends on the “what.” For most things, such as a new career, travel, or pursuing a new relationship, it is of course better to fail than to never try. After all, in case of failure, the lessons learned would be the foundations for possible future success. And, surely, there is no chance for success if one does not try. If you take the risk, and you do succeed, then celebrate! Enjoy that success; you’ve earned it! You’ve earned it for having the courage to do what other people say they want to, but wouldn’t.

However, for a few other things, it is better to never try than to fail. For example, it is better to never try suicide than to fail it. Or if one attempts it, then he/she better be damn sure to succeed. Here is a situation where failure is not an option. Failing a suicide attempt can be horrendous. One could end up with loss of vital physical facilities, or severe brain damage, or even be held by a locked-in syndrome — conscious, but unable to move, unable to communicate with the outside world, trapped in something akin to a different dimension, a kind of hell from which there is almost no escape.

(Inspired by 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind)

Pizza Delivery (short story)

“Okay, where the hell is that goddamn pizza? It’s been–” Willie checked his watch, a battered, baby-blue leather analog watch that he had gotten on his tenth birthday some fifteen years ago, “forty… thirty-three minutes. They said they’ll be here in thirty.” He pounded his huge fist onto the television, an old CRT, “I’m fucking starving, goddammit!” shaking the image momentarily into a blur of white lines and threatening to destroy the 90’s artifact once and for all.

“Oy, hey!” Reggie yelled in protest, finally looking up at Willie, the first time in four hours that he had taken his eyes off the ancient screen. “What the hell, man?”


“That’s my grandma’s TV, man! She gave it to me before she died, you know.”

“Yeah, well, your grandma was a good woman, and may she rest in peace. And fuck her, and her bad TV, and fuck her grandson, too!”

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You aren’t married. What if he leaves you someday?

He may leave anytime if he wishes to leave. Likewise, I may leave anytime if I wish to leave. That is our privilege as unmarried people; we don’t have to ask permission from the government on whether we may terminate our relationship or not. It is, after all, a private matter, and should stay that way.

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